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The old way of utilizing turbines on the roof, is antiquated and in many cases,

obsolete. The challenges with these traditional turbine style vents is that the heat

in the attic is forced to be pulled out, by way of heat being drawn to the various turbine vents spinning. These old style vents, often get bent, become blown off, and leak or simply rust out.


There is a BETTER and more cost effective means to disperse heat out of the attic! Seventy two (72 feet) of Ridge Vent is equal to Ten (10) metal turbines in displacing attic heat.

Our company recommends, whenever possible, GAF/ELK Cobra II RidgeVent

ventilation. This kind of ventilation system:

-Allows your attic to "breathe" and heat to escape evenly out of your roof.

-Looks Terrific from the roof. Thus, eliminating protruding, metal vents, that often

become noisy and rusted.

-Water Resistant, passes the 110 mph wind-drive rain test.

-Insect Resistant. Specially designed louver spacing keeps insects, birds and rodents

out of your attic.

-Energy Efficient, have been proven to reduce utility bills.

-Are DURABLE. Designed with HIGH IMPACT polymers.

-Warranty: Cobra 2 RidgeVent Contains a 40 year limited Warranty. '

NOTE: RidgeVent works BEST on Gable Roofs. And many "Hip" style roofs. There

are some cases, whereby the roof is "cut up" such, that Ridge Vent does not work,

and (the traditional) turbine style ventilation systems must be utilized

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